George Zimmerman's New Lawyer Was a Legal Analyst for CNN During His Other Trial

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Despite requesting to be declared indigent last week, George Zimmerman dropped his public defender for a private attorney today. His new lawyer, Jayne Weintraub, should know her client pretty well; she was a commentator on CNN and HLN during his murder trial.

The Orlando Sentinel reports that Zimmerman's (now-ex) attorney Jeff Dowdy confirmed that Weintraub was his new representation (Weintraub didn't respond to requests for comment from the Sentinel or The Wire), noting that "it's unclear how Zimmerman will afford private representation. In indigence paperwork last week, Zimmerman claimed to have $144, and owe $2.5 million in debt."

In the past, Weintraub told CNN viewers that "the community is more a danger to George Zimmerman" [than he was to the community], Rachel Jeantel's testimony was an "absolute gift to the defense" and that the prosecution's case against Zimmerman had "nothing but reasonable doubt."

Incidentally, Weintraub is a not a fan of guns, according to her Twitter account (while not verified, @jcw1818 is Weintraub, according to the chyron underneath her CNN appearances), where she's tweeted things like:

She also RTed:

In February, she tweeted several times about the fastest way to lose body fat, but I'm guessing her account was hacked.

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Zimmerman has been charged with aggravated assault, domestic violence battery and criminal mischief after his arrest last week following a dispute with his girlfriend at their house. He entered a plea of not guilty to the charges.

Police confiscated a pocket knife, three handguns, a shotgun, a rifle and over 106 rounds of ammunition -- including two AR-15 magazines -- while searching his girlfriend's home in the aftermath of his arrest. He is out on bail now, but is not allowed to possess weapons as one of its conditions.

Zimmerman is asking for his pocket knife to be returned.



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