George Zimmerman Arrested, Charged with Aggravated Assault

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George Zimmerman was arrested by Florida police Monday afternoon over an alleged domestic dispute. He was charged with aggravated assaultdomestic violence battery and criminal mischief. Law enforcement officials will hold Zimmerman without bond until Tuesday afternoon, when he'll make his first court appearance. 

In a press conference on Monday, the Seminole County Sheriff's office said that Zimmerman's girlfriend claimed he pointed a shotgun at her and broke a table in her house, forcing her out of her home. The spokesperson said that Zimmerman was unarmed when approached by police, but law enforcement officials are in the process of getting a search warrant to locate the alleged shotgun. When police arrived on the scene, the door to the home was barricaded. 

Sheriff Don Eslinger confirmed Zimmerman's arrest with the Orlando Sentinel, ABC News, and The New York Times. The Associated Press and CBS News report police responded to a "disturbance call" at a home in Apopka, Florida. Zimmerman was arrested around 1:30 p.m. and transported the John E. Polk Correctional Facility. You can see Zimmerman's booking information here.

Florida's WESH Channel-2 reports that Zimmerman was arrested following a "domestic dispute involving his 'girlfriend,'" citing a law enforcement source. The Orlando Sentinel reports Zimmerman's new girlfriend is named Samantha Scheibe.

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Zimmerman's last major dust-up with the law followed a domestic disturbance with his ex-wife, Shelley Zimmerman. Shortly after George was acquitted on all charges for killing 17-year-old unarmed teenager Trayvon Martin, Shellie announced she was filing for divorce. An altercation occurred between Shellie, George and her father that may or may not have involved a gun at the Florida home the couple once shared. The police were called and Zimmerman was questioned, but Shellie and her family refused to press charges. Police hoped an iPad Shellie used to record George's questionable bahavior in that incident would reveal some answers, but he smashed it before they arrived. The data could not be recovered. Zimmerman was able to walk away -- again. 

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