Elaborate Drug Tunnel Discovered Near San Diego

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Drug enforcement authorities on Thursday announced the discovery of a large drug tunnel linking Tijuana and San Diego, complete with ventilation, electrical lighting, and a railway system for moving back and forth. They also seized eight tons of marijuana and more than 300 pounds of cocaine.

The tunnel, averaging 35 feet below the surface, linked two warehouses, neither of which were in use before the bust. Authorities also said that the discovery of cocaine in connection with them was a first for drug tunnels in the San Diego area. "We’re starting to see them try to move cocaine through these tunnels, which we’ve never seen before," DEA agent William Sherman told The New York Times, "We’re seeing them try to move cocaine through ultra-lights into the desert, which we’ve never seen before. And those are simply acts of desperation."

This is the eighth such tunnel to have been found near San Diego since 2006. Authorities discoverd the tunnel after a truck being surveilled was found with marijuana inside, leading investigators to the rest of the stash in another truck and in a warehouse at one end of the tunnel. Three men have been arrested in connection with the underground passage.

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