Amazon Is Delivering On Sundays Now

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The sinking U.S. Postal Service has struck a deal with Amazon to deliver the site's packages on Sunday. The deal has advantages for both sides. While the Postal Service operated at a loss of $16 billion last year, package deliveries are still a profitable sector of their business, and for Amazon, quicker deliveries mean happier customers. The USPS's main competitors, UPS and FedEx, do not currently deliver on Sundays.

The new policy takes effect immediately, clearly timed to coincide with the holiday shopping rush, although the service is only available to the New York and Los Angeles areas at this time. The plan is to expand to more areas next year. While Amazon may be the first company, the Postal Service said that it expects to strike similar deals with other retailers. The Wall Street Journal notes that the company is utilizing "a little-known offering available to any shipper."

The USPS has been trying to stymie its revenue problems. The number of pieces of first class mail sent in 2012 was down 25 percent from four years prior in 2008. Earlier this year, the Postal Service tried to stop Saturday delivery, but Congress put a stop to that effort.

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