Alligator Found Roaming Chicago's O'Hare Airport

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Sometimes people stuck in airports don't know how they got there, are underfed, and just want to go home. Sometimes, alligators are like that too. Around 10 a.m. on Friday, Tineka Walker of Universal Security discovered a two-foot alligator hanging out underneath an escalator in Terminal 3 at Chicago's O'Hare International Airport.

"I was out there, and a passenger had pointed out that there was an alligator up under here," Tineka Walker told Chicago's CBS 2. "I looked, I said, 'What?'" The three-year-old gator was slow and lethargic, or "in distress," thanks to a previous neglectful owner, according to the Chicago Herpetological Society. Chicago police told NBC no one was injured and "Allie," as she was named, was never a threat to the general public.

But still, no one believed the radio call at first. Who believes there's an alligator loose in an airport? "Figured somebody was messing with us," Chicago Police Officer Anthony Oliver told CBS. Airport workers called the appropriate authorities, and Allie was retrieved by the CHS. 

Turns out poor little Allie was dumped there by her previous owner. "Some human being physically carried it there and put it there. It’s not big enough to operate automatic doors," a spokesperson for CHS told the Chicago Tribune. The CHS spokesperson said Allie would be fine, but that she was currently suffering from malnourishment and needs some tender loving care. 

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