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Federal authorities are investigating a dry ice bomb that exploded at Los Angeles International Airport on Sunday evening. The blast startled travellers and delayed flights for over an hour, but all signs point to it being a prank gone horribly wrong. 

The tale of Toontown should have warned them. After hearing a curiously loud explosion, CBS Los Angeles reports an LAX worker discovered remnants of a dry ice bomb — when someone puts dry ice into a water bottle, causing the bottle to expand with the gas, and eventually burst — in a bathroom near Terminal 2 around 7:00 p.m. Sunday evening. No damage was done and no one was harmed, but any bomb going off inside an airport will usually result in chaos. The L.A. Times reports the terminal went into full shutdown mode and flights didn't resume until around 8:45 p.m. At least four flights were delayed because of the ensuing investigation. 

The Los Angeles Police Department's' bomb squad was eventually called to inspect the bathroom, but the FBI has since taken over the investigation. No one has been arrested or identified as a suspect yet, but NBC Los Angeles reports the bomb was "intended as a prank."

Setting off a bomb, even a relatively harmless one, at an airport is a phenomenally dumb idea. It may do little damage, but it usually leads to a highly aggressive and motivated investigation. A similar explosive set off in a garbage can at Disneyland shut down the park's Toontown area this summer and the suspect was swiftly found out and dealt with. If the LAX culprits were paying attention to that that Disneyland incident, they should know dry ice bombers in sensitive public places rarely get away with their crimes.

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