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George Zimmerman, acquitted of charges relating to the death of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin, was questioned by police on Monday following an altercation that, reportedly, involved a gun. This isn't the first run-in Zimmerman's had with the law since going free this summer. While earlier reports, citing Lake Mary police, indicated that Zimmerman was in custody, a police spokesperson now says that Zimmerman is no longer in custody.

Here is Shellie Zimmerman's 911 call, via WKMG. 

Zimmerman will not face charges after the incident. On Monday, Police Chief Steve Bracknell announced Shellie Zimmerman and her father, "both have declined to press charges against," Zimmerman. "We have no victim, no crime," he said. A state attorney could have pursued charges against Zimmerman. Police took away Zimmerman's gun following the incident. 

Zimmerman, apparently, has already claimed that he was acting in self defense: 

According to the Associated Press, Zimmerman's wife called the police on her husband after she says he threatened her and her father. Just days ago, George Zimmerman's wife Shellie announced she was filing for divorce. The deputy police chief for Lake Mary told ABC News that "there was some kind of a domestic [incident]," adding, "we know that with his wife and father-in-law. Apparently there were some weapons involved and threats." Here's more from ABC, this time citing Shellie Zimmerman's version of the story, via her attorney Kelly Sims: 

Zimmerman pulled a knife on [Shellie] today after she discovered a firearm in the house they shared. He then pulled a gun on his wife and her father after a verbal altercation.

Earlier, Police spokesperson Zach Hudson said that Zimmerman was in "investigative detention," meaning that he was detained on site while the officers complete their investigation of the incident — but he hasn't been arrested or charged with a crime. Hudson explained further: 

"Anytime we have anybody suspected of doing anything, we place them in investigative detention until a complete investigation has been done." 

Meanwhile, Zimmerman's brother Robert Zimmerman Jr. has already weighed in on the news: 

WKMG in Florida has a helicopter on the sceneA reporter at the Orlando Sentinel added more details:

Photo: WKMG. 

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