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Were they criminals, hobbyists, or just two people who wanted to live life like a video game? We don't know yet, but police are still searching for the two finely dressed men who parachuted into lower Manhattan, landed near the Goldman Sachs building and then disappeared early on Monday morning.

The day's most intriguing story not involving the government shutdown was first revealed on Twitter by a NBC New York reporter: 

More answers were required, obviously, because it's not every day two mystery men fall from the skies near the home of the most powerful financial institutions in the world. (There's a movie that starts this way, right?)

The New York Daily News and DNA Info report police commissioner Ray Kelly said they are looking for two men who landed at the intersection of West and Vescey Streets, between the Goldman Sachs building and the Conrad Hotel (roughly shown at right, per Google Maps), around 3:07 a.m. Monday morning. "They were seen walking with parachutes from the location," Kelly said at a press conference. "No banners, no notes were left."

The men were wearing black suits with matching helmets, according to footage caught on nearby security cameras, Kelly said. The two men proceeded to pack up their equipment and walk away from the camera, disappearing into the pre-dawn dark. Police are now trying to determine if they jumped from an aircraft or from a nearby building. 

Some people guessed these two daredevils were inspired by Grand Theft Auto V, the recently released video game that's been inspiring people to do plenty of dumb stunts. But parachuting into Manhattan seems a little far-fetched, even for GTA's rabid fanbase. The game's setting is inspired by Los Angeles, after all. 

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