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The man in charge of the police department that responded to Monday's apparent domestic dispute at George Zimmerman's home agreed in an email that the man famous for shooting and killing Travyon Martin is a “Sandy Hook… waiting to happen," according to a report from ThinkProgress.

The exchange, between Lake Mary Police Chief Police Steve Bracknell and Santiago Rodriguez, was prompted by Rodriguez's angry letter to the department after Zimmerman was, once again, able to walk free after an encounter with law enforcement. Bracknell verified the authenticity of the emails, which include repeated instances of the police chief agreeing with Rodriguez's characterization of Lake Mary's infamous resident, while denying that he or his officers were involved in any sort of conspiracy theory (implied by Rodriguez) to cover up for Zimmerman. 

Rodriguez writes, towards the end of one long email: 

And Bracknell, breaking down Rodriguez's long email point-by-point, agrees with this statement: 

(that excerpt also gives a taste of the plethora of other accusations answered by the chief, to which he is less agreeable).

ThinkProgress also reports that Bracknell, in a reply to a second email shown below, also agrees that Zimmerman is a "ticking time bomb." The writers there reached out to Bracknell for comment, and he partially stepped away from the exchange, saying that all he was agreeing to was "the fact that [Zimmerman] seems to be involved in incidents” involving guns. 

On Monday, Lake Mary police arrived at a house shared by George and his wife Shellie, who recently filed for divorce, after she called 911 on her husband claiming he "was going to shoot" somebody. While what actually happened is still unclear — Shellie declined to press charges — the investigation into the incident is now focused on whether a video, recorded of the confrontation, can be recovered from an iPad smashed to bits by George

The full emails released by ThinkProgress are below. 

Zimmerman Lake Mary Emails by ThinkProgress

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