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Earlier today a woman in Washington, DC, gave birth to health a baby boy in — of all places — the L'Enfant Plaza station of the city's Metro system. The woman was traveling on a Green Line train around 11:00 a.m. when her water broke, according to The Washington Post. Fortunately, there was an EMT riding in the same car of the train, who helped the woman of the train and onto the platform where she gave birth just a few moments later. They were later taken to the hospital and are doing fine.

The news was first broken by the Metro police, who announced the incident on their Twitter account. 

Naturally, that brought out the jokes about delayed trains, broken escalators, illegal coffee cups, and of course, the irony of the station's name. (L'Enfant means "child" in French, but it's actually named in honor of Pierre L'Enfant, the architect who designed Washington's layout.) 

Even the police themselves had a sense of humor about it:

Photo by Edward Stojakovic, via Flickr

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