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Elmore Leonard's 46th and final novel, Blue Dreams, remains unfinished in the wake of its author's death last week. Yet for better or worse, Peter Leonard, one of Leonard's sons, has plans to finish the novel and release it to the public.

"I would, I think so," Peter Leonard told the BBC when asked about completing the novel. "It's been discussed among family members and I've talked to Greg Sutter, Elmore's longtime researcher," he added. 

The novel, Blue Dreams, was "originally conceived to feature a rogue Immigration and Customs Enforcement agent, bull riding and Mr. Leonard’s popular federal marshal character, Raylan Givens" The New York Times reports. Leonard said that he did not know how many pages his father had finished. 

The younger Leonard is a crime novel writer in his own right, so it is not entirely surprising that he would publish his father's work. Dmitri Nabokov did the same with his father Vladimir's The Original of Laura, while Patrick Hemingway was largely responsible for the publication of his father's True at First Light.

No word, yet, on when Blue Dreams is coming.


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