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A U.S. Embassy staffer in Malta left the country on Wednesday after a video showing him going bonkers on another driver in the middle of a narrow road went viral. The American employee, apparently, confronted a Maltese driver who refused to pull over and let his car through. As traffic built up behind the driver, the American finally backs out of the road. And then, off camera, he continues to yell at the driver as traffic finally moves again. 

This is the video, which, fair warning, is full of swears: 

The video, filmed on Saturday, spread quickly through Malta after it was posted to YouTube. Before letting on that the man in the video was actually one of their staffers, the U.S. Embassy in Malta ended up posting a statement on Facebook condemning the behavior of the individual, whom everyone assumed was American: 

It took the U.S. Embassy until Wednesday to acknowledge that the unidentified man was indeed an employee of theirs (after a Malta-based paper established his connection), noting in their statement that he'd "since departed" the country. The embassy added that his behavior "did not comport with the standards of behavior that we expect from all embassy personnel. We greatly regret this incident." As the Associated Press notes, it's not clear whether he's been fired from his job, or just moved out of the country. 

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