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Irina Walker, Princess of Romania, is allegedly a fan and facilitator of cockfighting. Walker and her husband have been living on a farm in Oregon, where they were indicted Thursday after an illegal cockfighting ring was discovered at their home. The Oregonian reports that the Walkers hosted at least ten derbies where trained roosters fought to the death with knives, gaffs, and other instruments attached to their legs.

The Romanian newspaper Adevarul reports that Walker was always modest, discreet, and kind during her time growing up in Switzerland (Walker is now 60, and never spent much time in Romania). Her sister, Crown Princess Margarita, told the paper that Walker is "full of tenderness." The Crown Princess also noted that Walker was always a friend to the animals — when the two were younger, Walker would care for injured birds, abandoned cats, and guinea pigs. The Crown Princess thinks Walker moved to her farm in Oregon to be closer to animals. 

Walker and her husband were charged with operating an illegal gambling operation in addition to facilitating cockfighting, which is illegal in all 50 states. If convicted on all counts, the two could face many years in prison and millions of dollars in fines. 

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