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Bo Obama is still the top dog at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, but he does have some company now, thanks to the addition of his new "sister," Sunny. The White House announced yesterday that the First Family just bought a second Portuguese Water Dog, a one-year-old female that's the spitting image of the existing First Dog. (She's the one on the right, without any white fur.) Sunny is the same breed as Bo, because Portuguese Water Dogs are supposed to be good for people with allergies, like Malia Obama.

The year-old "puppy" was added to the family in part, because according the Michelle Obama, "Bo doesn't have enough dog interaction." We guess it's hard to make friends at the dog run when you're constantly surrounded by Secret Service agents.

By the way, if you were wondering what anti-Obama Twitter jokes have already been taken, the main themes are pretty much covered. There's "Government Spending":

"Secret Muslim Code Words":

And "Obama Eats Dogs":

Let us know if you come up with any new ones.

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