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President Obama's golf game today includes Larry David — yes, "Curb Your Enthusiasm" David, in what's apparently the fifth round of golf for the president on his Martha's Vineyard vacation this week. According to the pool report, the other two non Obama-David members of the party are Glen Hutchins and Ron Kirk. 

There aren't any photos of the two (yet, we hope), So naturally, the "news" has inspired instant Twitter fanfic: 

David also wrote an essay for the New Yorker on just how bad he is at golf, indicating that he would not be the cheeriest of partners for the president:

I’m good at other things. What those are I have no idea. But I’m sure there are some. Flossing and dishwashing come to mind. Getting people I can’t stand to like me is another. But golf ? No. I will never stand over the ball without considering the disaster about to befall me. I’ll never line up a putt and think I’ll make it. Never face a chip without fearing the decel.

Larry David, of course, also discussed his (fictional) golf skills on "Curb:"

His alter ego is also a valuable golf team member: 

As for David's feelings on Obama, he was the narrator for the 'Daily Show's' fake campaign documentary for Obama's re-election, arguing that the president's first term proved "that less bad was better than more bad."

Apparently, David was at a party thrown by the Obama's earlier this week on the Vineyard, too.  

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