American Futures Update: 2 American Reminders

Machinery, and real estate.

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I have put up a new item on our Atlantic-Marketplace-Esri special "geoblog" site, about our recently launched road-trip-by-air. It deals in a minor way with scenes like the one above, and more substantially with patterns like the one illustrated in the map below. A direct link to the new post is here.

Usability notes: these maps are of course live, unlike the static screen shot below, and you can pan around in them and zoom to taste. They concern cost of living, and it's interesting to see how areas you know personally measure up. Also, you'll see a Normal View / Wide View button in the upper right hand corner. To my taste, the Wide View is much more attractive, so I suggest clicking there. Also, you can change the text/map proportions by using the slider bar in the middle of the screen. And sometimes it takes the data layers a little time to load. (You're looking for greenish, or purplish, layers on the screen.) We're learning and refining as we go.

Also, Marketplace's site has a live version of the geoblog maps, which looks very nice and which you can see here.