'American Futures': How Maps Work

Fun with new technology and old realities.

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The second installment in our American Futures report is up now, on its own special channel. The point of this one is to give some illustrations of why we have been so interested in the mapping technology through which we'll tell part of the story of this journey -- and why, as these tools become widespread, they may make a difference in journalism of both the professional and the citizen-amateur variety. If you click on a few of the map links in this post, you will see what I mean.

I can't let the rest of August 2 pass without extending greetings to my circle of birthday honorees on this date: my writer-friends Erik Tarloff, Lawrence Wright, and Caleb Carr, my composer-friend Greg Tornquist, and of course our standard-bearer in jurisprudence, Judge Lance Ito.