Zimmerman Juror Drops Her Plans to Write Book

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Saying that she underestimated the depth of emotion created by the case she served on —as evidenced by last night's disturbances in Los Angeles — one of the jurors who acquitted George Zimmerman has canceled a previously announced book project about the trial. Early on Monday, it was revealed that the juror, known only as Juror B37, had secured a literary agent and would be shopping a book proposal about her experience on the sequestered jury and the issues the case raised about the legal system. (The juror's husband is also an attorney.) The same woman also appeared on Anderson Cooper's CNN show last night, where she revealed some of the details of the jury's deliberations, and why she ultimately decided that Zimmerman was not guilty of murder for killing Trayvon Martin.

However, late last night, after the interview had aired, her literary agent announced that Juror B37 had changed her mind, and would no longer write the book. (The agent, Sharlene Martin, also claims to have dropped her as a client, as well.) In a statement, she said that her isolation on the sequestered jury had "shielded me from the depth of pain that exists among the general public over every aspect of this case," and that it would be best if she just let it go. There was also some anger directed toward her, because of the perception that she might be trying to cash in on the tragic case.

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The general anger over the not guilty verdict isn't going away either. Pro-Trayvon rallies were held in several cities last night, including Atlanta and Los Angeles — where things became a little unruly at times. About 350 LAPD officers had several run-ins with marchers in the Crenshaw neighborhood, near the central part of the city. At least 13 people were arrested for failing to disperse, though there were also some incidents of looting and violence. A local television news crew was even reportedly attacked while covering the demonstrations. (Update: This captures the reporter and his cameraman being knocked to the ground, before the two assailants run away.)

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