Was This Boston Terrorism Suspect Linked to the Alleged Marathon Bombers?

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The FBI's Joint Terrorism Task Force is investigating whether a man arrested in June with a cache of weapons and the supplies necessary to make a pressure-cooker bomb could possibly have ties to the men suspected of being the Boston Marathon bombers, according to a Reuters report

On June 9, 27-year-old Daniel Morley allegedly assaulted his mother and her boyfriend, and threatened to build a bomb and blow up an airplane, and was arrested after a nearly three-hour standoff with police in Topsfield, Mass. Police later found guns, knives, and everything necessary to build a pressure-cooker bomb like the ones allegedly used by the Tsarnaev brothers at the Boston Marathon on April 15. There was the cooker, ball bearings, black powder and igniters included in Morley's stash. But comments made by his mother in the ensuing investigation are what's causing the heightened interest in this case. 

There haven't been any direct connections found between Morley and any sort of radicalized influencer yet. But according to an affadavit obtained by Reuters' Tim McLaughlin, Morley's mother told police there aren't many degrees of separation between her son and Tamerlan Tsarnaev, the 26-year-old man authorities say led the Boston attacks:

According to a police affidavit dated June 19, Morley told his mother that his best friend had bragged about knowing Tamerlan Tsarnaev, one of the two Chechen brothers suspected of detonating pressure-cooker bombs at the Boston Marathon finish line on April 15. Tsarnaev was killed in a shootout with police after the attack.

The pertinent point that's raising the FBI's eyebrows: Morley's mother said he obtained all his bomb-making materials before the marathon attacks. The other, non-weaponized things police discovered in their search of Morley's bedroom paint the picture of a very troubled young man battling psychological issues: 

Police also said they found a shoe box with the head of a decapitated bird, dismantled cell phones, flex cuff restraints, black gun powder, and a burnt green stuffed animal that had been stabbed repeatedly. Other items included a bucket with aluminum foil and steel containers with concealment cutouts.

Morley apologized to police for being off his medications, but McLaughlin says his medical conditions weren't disclosed on the files he obtained. The suspect is now being evaluated at Bridgewater State Hospital. 

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