Trayvon Martin's Parents Were "Shocked" by the Verdict

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In their first public appearances since the weekend's verdict, Tracy Martin and Sybrina Fulton, parents of Trayvon Martin, appeared this morning for interviews on both CBS News' This Morning and ABC News' Good Morning America. Accompanied by their attorney, Benjamin Crump, the couple expressed their continued grief in the wake of the verdict, but declined to answer whether or not they will file a civil suit, as some have speculated.

In both interviews, the parents were asked about how they reacted to the jury verdict that declared George Zimmerman not guilty. "My first thought was shock," Fulton told ABC News. "Disgust. I really didn't believe that he was not guilty." Asked about the jurors, Tracy Martin said, "just as loving parents and God-fearing people, we just continue to pray that whatever was in their heart was what they intended to do. We didn't feel it was fair." 

In one of the most wrenching moments, the couple is asked about Juror B37, who spoke about the trial to Anderson Cooper. "I don't think she knows Trayvon," Fulton told CBS News. "Trayvon is not a confrontational person." The answer highlights a simple fact often obscured in discussion of the case: that no matter how much we talk about or debate the facts of the confrontation, none of us knew Trayvon Martin or what he was thinking before he died. Nor can we.

 "I wish they really knew Trayvon for who he was," Trayvon's father said of the jurors. "And knew that he really was a kid. They didn't know him as a human being."

Here are both interviews:

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