Theresa Heinz Kerry Is Feeling Better

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Theresa Heinz Kerry is feeling better this morning after a "seizure-like episode" ended with her getting transfered to a major Boston hospital, spending the night for observations and undergoing a series of tests. 

The Kerry family long weekend in Nantucket was cut short on Sunday when Kerry was rushed from the family's Nantucket, Mass. home in an ambulance to the Nantucket Cottage Hospital emergency room around 3:30 p.m. Sunday. Kerry was having a "seizure-like episode," according to NBC's Andrea Mitchell, and was in critical but stable condition upon arrival. Things were bad enough that doctors felt the need to transfer the heir to the ketchup fortune to Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston shortly thereafter.

Kerry spent the night, and doctors upgraded her condition to fair just before lunch time on Monday. Doctors want her to stick around for evaluation a little while longer. Her hubby, John, the secretary of state, and the rest of the immediate family are by her side. 

The attention will now turn to what condition could have caused Kerry to have these almost seizures. She underwent surgery twice to treat stage one breast cancer in 2009 after finding a lump in a routine mammogram, but that's the only part of her medical history disclosed to the public.

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