See the Stunning Video of the Boeing 777 Crash in San Francisco

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Until now, there was no video footage available of the Boeing 777 crash landing at the San Francisco International Airport on Saturday afternoon that killed two 16-year-old Chinese girls and sent over 100 people to the hospital. But CNN obtained some revealing footage shot from across the water from the airport runways that shows exactly what happened. 

In the video obtained by CNN, shot by amateur aviation enthusiast Fred Hayes, you can see Asiana flight 217 approaching the runway low with its nose noticeably high in the air. The plane's tail catches the seawall and smoke starts coming from the back of the plane. There's gray and brown smoke trailing the plane as it slides out of control across the runway. The plane's nose twists up and it does, for a moment, look like it's doing a cartwheel, as some witnesses said yesterday. "Oh no," Hayes says on the video. "You're recording this!" a woman says. Watch the whole horrifying video here: 

This confirms what a lot of amateur sleuths had determined using the available data and visual evidence from the scene after the dust had settled. The main theory being that the plane hitting the seawall was what caused the tail to come off. The National Transportation Safety Board announced moments ago that the pilot tried to initiate a "go around" -- or, to attempt a new landing -- moments before the crash occurred. Doctors treating the wounded, most from the back of the plane, said many remain hospitalized today with critical injuries. Some are suffering from paralysis and head trauma, others from abdominal injuries because of pressure applied by their seat belts. The alternative, though, would have been much worse. Others suffered from "severe road rash suggesting they were dragged," Margaret Knudson, chief of surgery at San Francisco General Hospital, told reporters. 

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