Ruth Bader Ginsburg Lifts Weights

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If you ask the 80-year-old Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg whether she even lifts, bro, she'll respond in the affirmative. The toughest supreme court justice is putting in her time at the gym to recuperate from injuries.

In an interview with Reuters Thursday morning, Ginburg revealed she fell in her bathroom and re-injured a pair of ribs in May. She suffered from injured ribs last June, too, but fought through them because she's tough as nails. Ginsburg sought treatment quickly time and clearly didn't let them get in the way of participating in last months' major decisions.

She's doing fine now, hitting the gym, and pissing off Justice Samuel Alito. But, most importantly, she has no intention of retiring anytime soon. "It really has to be, 'Am I equipped to do the job?'," she told Reuters. "I was so pleased that this year I couldn't see that I was slipping in any respect." The Justice referred to as the "Notorious RBG" on T-shirts and Tumblrs by her fans, who has survived cancer twice, isn't going anywhere. 

Regarding the incident with Alito, when he rolled his eyes while she was reading a dissenting opinion a few weeks ago, Ginsburg said she didn't even notice at the time. She had to be told about it the next day by her aides, and even then she wasn't phased. 

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