Obama to Nominate Caroline Kennedy as Ambassador to Japan

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President Obama will nominate Caroline Kennedy as the new ambassador to Japan on Wednesday, according to a report from the Associated Press. Kennedy, whose nomination to the post has been anticipated for some time, was a major supporter of Obama during his run for the presidency. 

The former first daughter would become the first female ambassador to the country, according to the AP. But she'd be just the latest famous ambassador: 

Japan is used to having prominent Americans serve as envoys. Former U.S. ambassadors to Japan include former Vice President Walter Mondale, former House Speaker Tom Foley and former Senate Majority Leaders Mike Mansfield and Howard Baker.

Kennedy, aside from her involvement in the Obama campaign, has until recently stayed relatively far away from political aspirations, at least as compared to her family. She considered, and decided against, running to fill the Senate seat left vacant by Hillary Clinton when Clinton became Secretary of State in 2009. In an earlier round of reporting on the rumored appointments, it looked like Kennedy was given a choice between the Japan and Canada posts as a reward for her commitment to the Obama campaign. 

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