Hero Dog Saves Dartmouth Students from Ball Python

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The missing three-foot ball python that escaped from a Dartmouth fraternity house and spent the weekend terrorizing the campus and the surrounding community was retrieved late Tuesday night thanks to the heroic efforts of a dog. The Dartmouth reports that a noble canine discovered the snake hiding in a hole under a wooden plank in the Tabard house backyard, not far from the cage he escaped from on Thursday. The coed fraternity sent an email last night informing members that the snake had been found. 

Connie Gong, the co-ed fraternity's president and person responsible for the python's care this summer, was the one who was first alerted to the snake's location by the dog. "[The hero dog] was yapping really loudly," she told the Dartmouth

The quiet community of Hanover, N.H., was put on watch after the non-poisonous and non-threatening ball python escaped at some point late last week from The Tabard (right). There was no danger to the general public, but still, let's face it: snakes are scary. The police were brought in to aide the search but were reportedly of no help. Experts guessed the snake would find a damp, dark place to hide not far from its cage.

Meanwhile, the campus remained in the grip of fear. It was left up to the sleuthing nose of the fraternity's canine pal to find the slithering fugitive. So here's to you, Hero Dog. You saved those poor Ivy Leaguers from a harmless snake.

The snake appears to have been returned to The Tabard. No word on what new precautions will be taken to avoid future escapes.

[Inset via the Dartmouth]

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