George Zimmerman Didn't Testify in His Own Defense

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Well, there's that. George Zimmerman has finally decided against testifying as his defense team rested their case on Wednesday afternoon. 

Earlier today, Judge Debra Nelson had tried to get an answer out of Zimmerman about his plans to talk (or not), which led to a tense exchange with defense lawyer Don West (via ABC): 

Zimmerman's attorney Don West repeatedly objected as Nelson asked if he would take the stand. She sharply cut him off saying, "I'm asking your client a question. Please, Mr. West. Over ruled."

But on Wednesday afternoon, Zimmerman told Nelson his decision: "After consulting with counsel, not to testify your honor." 

In case you haven't glanced at CNN recently, Zimmerman faces second-degree murder charges related to the death of teenager Trayvon Martin. Zimmerman shot and killed him in a Sanford, Florida gated community, in what he says was self-defense. As the AP noted, jurors already know Zimmerman's side of things: recordings of his interview with police following the incident were played in court. 

Before resting their case, defense lawyers entered in a request for a judgement of acquittal in the case without it going to the jury. That request was denied. The prosecution has already started calling rebuttal witnesses, meaning we're not quite ready for closing statements yet.  

Update, 5:55 p.m.: According to Retuers, jury deliberations for the George Zimmerman trial will begin Friday afternoon. Closing arguments are scheduled for tomorrow, Thursday, at 1 p.m. 

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