Everyone Wants to Interrupt the President's Golf Game Today

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Hopefully one of his companions will grant a pardon for such poor manners. According to the White House pool report this morning, Obama hit the links with Pardon the Interruption hosts Michael Wilbon and Tony Kornheiser, and a mystery forth, at Fort Belvoir in Virginia on Saturday morning. Like the President, Wilbon is a Chicago native with allegiances to the city's south side sports teams. And everyone knows Obama is a well-documented fan of the show, as Awful Announcing's Matt Yoder pointed out. He recorded a special tribute message for PTI's tenth anniversary episode.

Now, normally the President's golf game doesn't garner this much excitement outside of the conservative internet's darker corners, but plenty of people seem excited about the President teeing off with ESPN hosts and longtime DC sports journalists Kornheiser and Wilbon. They're like the sports world's beloved old uncles who get into arguments at family dinner, except they do it five times a week, and on cable television. So it should come as no surprise that the game garnered all of this attention on Twitter: 

And it seems the President is doing some kind of ESPN host tour this week, and Wilbon and Kornheiser were never going to let their stats guy, Around the Horn host Anthony Reali, one up them with lunch at the White House: 

So of course they were going to play golf with him. Sorry, Reali. 

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