Sushinomics Tells Disturbing Truth About New York and Greenwich

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Apparently it is expensive to eat sushi in New York City and Greenwich, Conn. Ditty for Los Angeles and San Francisco. Huh. We know, right?

The news comes via Bloomberg Rankings, whose "Sushinomics Cost-of-Living Index" finds that the cost of a basic roll in New York—namely, spicy tuna and California rolls—is about 26 percent higher than the national average and 3.3 percent higher than the second-place winner, Los Angeles, but still probably preferred among the people-who-have-uttered-the-term-"Sushinomics"-aloud demographic.

Here's that index, where 100 represents the national average from 2011:

New York 135.58 Los Angeles 131.28 San Francisco 120.12 Dallas 118.17 Austin 117.10 Seattle 115.06 Sacramento 113.65 Miami 111.55 Boston 109.61 Minneapolis/St.Paul 109.53 Denver 109.33 St. Louis 108.84 Orlando 107.44 Phoenix/Tempe 106.66 Philadelphia 105.78 District of Columbia 104.29 Atlanta 103.89 Wilmington/Dover 102.95 Houston 102.93 Chicago 101.20 Charlotte 97.85 San Jose 95.11 Portland 93.10 Columbus 89.44 New Orleans 82.71 National Average 107.73

But, really, if you live in New York or Los Angeles and have bothered to read this far, you don't care about a sushi restaurant's "basic rolls," which is why Bloomberg has added a new, classier index. Behold: the Sushinomics Premium Price Index. This one ranks cities by the average price of their sushi restaurants' priciest two rolls, and Greenwich, Conn.—home, at one point or another, to Glenn Close, Mel Gibson, and Pedro Martinez—comes out on top. (In fact, other wealthy people live in Greenwich, too.) Here's the full index:

Greenwich $17.59 Los Angeles $17.11 Houston $16.80 Boston $16.45 Dallas $16.36 Miami $16.21 Chicago $16.17 Atlanta $16.16 New York $16.06 Sacramento $15.83 Minneapolis/St.Paul $15.82 Denver $15.49 Philadelphia $15.26 Wilmington/Dover $15.21 San Francisco $14.91 Orlando $14.89 Austin $14.85 St. Louis $14.81 Stamford $14.55 District of Columbia $14.35 San Jose $14.32 Charlotte $14.27 Columbus $14.19 Seattle $14.08 New Orleans $13.96 Phoenix/Tempe $13.35 Portland $13.26

The kicker is that many of those restaurants likely aren't even serving real sushi, but whatever. We're expecting The New York Times to have a trend piece on it by early next week.

Especially if pesky college kids are doing it.

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