One Person Killed, 13 Others Hurt After Building Collapses in Philadelphia

A four-story building collapsed into another as it was being torn down in Philadelphia this morning.

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Firefighters, police, and rescue workers swarmed downtown Philadelphia after a building collapse killed one person and briefly trapped several others inside. According to reports from eyewitness, a unoccupied four-story building that was in the process of being demolished collapsed onto a smaller one-story building next door that housed a Salvation Army Thrift Store. The incident happend around 10:30 a.m. on the corner of Market St. and 22nd St. in downtown Philly. Here's what the looked like before the collapse, via Google Maps.

Here's what it looks like now:

There are no reports of any deaths at the moment, but multiple sources say 13 people were pulled from the rubble alive and sent to local hospitals with mostly minor injuries. Around noon, TV helicopter cameras captured these two men (the man in the red hat and the other in the yellow shirt) emerging from the rubble, apparently unharmed. (Image via CNN/KYW-CBS). Around 1:00 p.m. another woman was pulled from the rubble, and according to Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter (via CNN), she walked away unscathed after being buried for more than two hours.

Hundreds of firefighters, police, and construction workers decended on the property and feverisly worked to clear debris. (The construction equipment seen in the images above was already on site.)  You can watch continuing live coverage from the local NBC News station below.

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