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The brief investigation against Jose Canseco for allegations of rape is over. According to Las Vegas's Fox 5 station, the case was closed on Friday and Canseco will not be charged with a crime. The former baseball player was accused of sexual assault on May 22 by a woman whose name, picture, and other identifying details Canseco immediately plastered on his Twitter feed, to which more than 515,000 users subscribe, sparking an uproar over his behavior as documented by the Wire's Alexander Abad-Santos

Criticism of Canseco focused on his willingness to vilify his accuser in the public forum of Twitter, using his massive follower account to garner support for his innocence. In a series of tweets, Canseco dared his accuser to submit to a polygraph test alongside him. In subsequent tweets he accused the woman of lying, and suggested that she was following the orders of other individuals intent on ruining him.

Will this be the end of this episode? It's tough to say. Hours after he was cleared by Las Vegas law enforcement officials, Canseco announced his offer to sell the results of his polygraph test, which he underwent in Texas on May 25, for an undisclosed price.

Canseco has hinted, furthermore, that he may seek counter-charges against his accuser. He told TMZ late last month that he "will try to find out, as a victim that I am ... what I can do, pressing charges against [his accuser]. Because this should not be allowed. Any woman could come up the street and file rape charges against an individual with no evidence. ... It's completely unjust."

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