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Now that our nation's capital, already so incapable of being hip, has up and built its own donut/croissant hybrid, the "doissant" — New York's Dominique Ansel actually trademarked the cronut name — it's safe to call this the end of the end of the cross-pollinated pastry trend, or at least Washington has brought us disgustingly close. D.C bakery Chocolate Crust has mimicked Ansel's SoHo sensation with the chocolate hazelnut croissant donut creation pictured at right. DCist, which discovered its local doissant, hasn't done a taste test to see how it stacks up with the cronut, but does that even matter? The definition of cool, at least when it comes to foodie trends, is selectivity. Ansel only makes 200-250 per day to create scarcity in the market, or at least hype. Everyone wants a cronut because not everyone else can get the cronut. But now that even lame D.C. residents can get their hands on one — or at least a close enough impostor version — haute New Yorkers had better get over the fad, and fast.  

The hate for the overpriced saccharine treat had already started bubbling up, as the Atlantic Wire chronicled yesterday in our hater's guide to cronuts. Already the 99 percent of foodies had incited a mini-backlash against the the "pastry of the 1 percent." "It's a little disturbing that people are now paying $5 for a pastry. Instead we recommend making these for about 50¢ each and donating the other $4.50 to an organization like Feeding America, which seeks to feed those who don’t have enough money for regular food, let alone cronuts," writes RYOT's Isabella Sayyah, alongside DIY recipes for the working man's specialty sweet eater.

Now that budget cronuts have arrived in less trendy locations with an even more ridiculous name, it's only a matter of time before baked-good snobs turn their nose up at the too-trendy-for-its-own-good dessert as well. And Chocolate Crust isn't the only place offering a knock-off cronut. Other district bakeries DCist spoke with said they were experimenting with the idea. SFist has some at make-your-own version, too. In a matter of mere weeks, the cronut has fulfilled its destiny and become the new cupcake. Good job, guys.

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