Reports of Arrest Warrant for Aaron Hernandez Are In Dispute

WBZ Radio in Boston was first to report that police have issued an arrest warrant for New England Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez on a charge of obstruction justice, but a conflicting report says it's not true.

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WBZ Radio in Boston is reporting that police have issued an arrest warrant for New England Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez on a charge of obstruction justice. ABC News backs up that report as well. Hernandez has become the target of a murder investigation after an "associate" of his was found dead on Monday night. He has not been named as suspect and is not being charged with the homicide, but WBZ says the warrant could still be upgraded later.

UPDATE (10:20 a.m.): The Boston Globe is now reporting that their law enforcements sources say an arrest warrant has not been issued for Hernandez or anybody else. NECN also agrees with the Globe, but says new search warrants have been issued so perhaps that's the source of the confusion. Until the police make a formal statement (or someone backs down), we won't know what the full status of the case is.

UPDATE (11:30 a.m.): WBZ and ABC News have not retracted their stories, but FOX 25 Boston has joined them in the pro-warrant camp. The Boston Herald also reports that the Patriots have told Hernandez to stay away from team facilities.

Officially, investigators have remained quiet about the case, but anonymous law enforcement leaks to local news outlets paint a picture that doesn't look good for Hernandez. Late last night, The Boston Globe reported that police found video images that show Hernandez with the victim, Odin Lloyd, in Boston on early Monday morning, shortly before he was killed. That would seem to be more confirmation of an earlier report from FOX25 Boston that the two men were definitely together on the night of the murder. A second video also showed Hernandez in North Attleborough later, the town south of Boston where he lives and where Lloyd's body was found later that day.

News reports also revealed the cause of Lloyd's death, as sources say he was shot multiple times. After originally believing the body had been dumped in an industrial park after he was killed somewhere else, Globe sources now say he was killed where the body was found.

Police began questioning Hernandez almost immediately after Lloyd's body was found on Monday, — Lloyd was reportedly dating the sister of the player's girlfriend — and according to numerous reports he has been uncooperative with police. ABC News reported that Hernandez destroyed his own home surveillance system and gave police a busted cell phone, which could be the source of the obstruction of justice charge. Even if he didn't commit the crime, at the very least he seems to be interfering with a serious investigation. And if all the rumors are true, than he likely knows something about Lloyd's death.

He's also facing a second law suit from a former friend and convicted drug dealer who claims Hernandez shot him in the face back in February. The man originally told police that he didn't know who shot him, but is now suing the NFL player for damages, claiming he lost one of his eyes.

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