Another Mass Shooting: Santa Monica College Gunman Kills 'At Least ' Four

Santa Monica is the latest scene of a mass shooting resulting in multiple fatalities.

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Santa Monica is the latest scene of a mass shooting resulting in multiple fatalities. At least six four people are dead after a man reportedly wielding an AR-15 semiautomatic assault rifle ran through the Los Angeles suburb, firing indiscriminately at passing vehicles and people as he made his way to Santa Monica College, where he was killed by police.

Update, 11:38 p.m. Eastern -- The AP reports the police have lowered the death toll to four (five including the shooter) and now believe he acted alone. The person of interest has been released.

Update, 10:04 p.m. Eastern -- Los Angeles Times, citing law enforcement sources, is saying that the first two victims were the gunman's father and brother.

It's unknown at this time what the man's name is or why he allegedly did this. Right now, it looks like the spree began sometime around noon Pacific time at a house fire, where two men were found dead, apparently from gunshot wounds. From ABC7:

The gunman then attempted to carjack a woman. When she hesitated, the suspect shot the woman in the arm and fled. The female victim was transported to Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center and is listed in good condition.

Police believe the suspect then participated in a series of shootings along the areas of 28th Street and Pico Boulevard, Cloverfield Boulevard and Pico Boulevard and 19th and Pearl streets.

A person was fatally shot at Cloverfield and Pico Boulevard and two others were confirmed dead near 19th and Pearl streets.

The suspect then reached the Santa Monica College campus and shot three more women. One died at the hospital. Another is said to be in "very critical condition." Three more victims were said to be suffering from "minor injuries," though two of those were "not related to gunfire," according to the AP.

Police then shot and killed the suspect in the school's library.

Students at SMC (and surrounding high and middle schools) went into lock down. One SMC student tweeted photos of his classmates:

And another dramatic photo of the SWAT team arriving to give them the all-clear:

The Los Angeles Times created a map of the scene and the shooting's path:

View Santa Monica College shooting in a larger map

A second "person of interest" has been taken into custody, though it's not yet known if or how he is involved.

A woman who lives in the area (a DJ whose stage name is "Reid Speed") Vined the scene where it all began. In six seconds, we can see the burning house, a bullet-riddled car parked across the street from it, and what appears to be one woman tending to the car's driver, who has been wounded:

Here are a few photos from the scene, all via Reuters. Warning: the third photo, of the suspected gunman's body, is a bit graphic.

A now-familiar image of police officers responding en masse to another spree killing:

The suspected shooter wore a ballistic vest, seen here by the spot where he died:

The body of the suspected shooter:

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