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Just hours after being identified as a suspect in the Aaron Hernandez murder case, Connecticut man Ernest Wallace was picked up by police in Florida. In addition to Hernandez and a third man, Carlos Ortiz, police have all three alleged accomplices in the murder of Odin Lloyd in custody. Ortiz was arrested in Connecticut on Thursday.

Of three men, only Hernandez has been charged with the murder, but that could change once the others arrive in Massachusetts and appear in court. All three were seen on surveillance footage at the Hernandez home on the night of the murder and at least two of them were seen carrying handguns that were never recovered. 

Hernandez is also being investigated for his connection to an unsolved double murder that took place in Boston last year. One working theory of this current case is that Hernandez's motive for killing Lloyd is that Lloyd knew of his involvement in the 2012 murder and was possibly going to tell others. Police and prosecutors have not said who they believe actually shot and killed Lloyd, but Hernandez is believed to planned the crime. Wallace has been describe as an "accessory after the fact."

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