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It's not every week that two bridges collapse only days apart. This time, seven people are injured after after two trains collided and knocked out a bridge's support pillar, triggering its collapse. Two cargo trains T-boned each other around 2:30 a.m. Friday night in Scott County, Missouri, according to KFVS 12. A Union Pacific train slammed into a a Burlington Northern train, derailing the Northern Union train and sending it straight into the bridge's support pillar. "One train T-boned the other one and caused it to derail, and the derailed train hit a pillar which caused the overpass to collapse," Scott County Sheriff spokesperson Clay Slipis told Reuters. A fire broke out from some of the spilled diesel fuel, but fire fighters were able to put it out quickly.  

There were no cars on the overpass at the time of its collapse, but two cars did drive over the edge, though. The darkness made it difficult to notice the collapse and the drivers didn't have enough time to stop once they realized what had happened. (That is definitely someone's nightmare.) All seven injured people were hospitalized, but, thankfully, they escaped with only minor or moderate injuries. Everyone will be OK. You wouldn't guess it from some of the pictures: 

We're just a few days removed from the bridge collapsing over the Skagit River in Washington. And only a week removed from the commuter train crash in Connecticut that injured over 50 people. Hopefully the people in Washington and Missouri don't have a hard time getting federal government money to repair everything. 

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