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The Weather Channel's Mike Bettes was tracking Oklahoma tornadoes tonight in his specially-equipped "Tornado Hunt 2013" car when one tornado found him, throwing the car about 200 yards:

TVNweather's Sean Schofer happened upon the remains:

No word yet on whether or not anyone was actually in the car when the tornado struck, but thankfully everyone seems to be okay. Unlike, obviously, the car.

There are several tornado warnings currently in effect in the Oklahoma City area, including Moore, where a massive tornado hit a few weeks ago, killing 24. Follow along using this Twitter list compiled by Nina L. Diamond or KFOR's livestream.

Update 11:28 p.m.: The Weather Channel got a chance to speak to Bettes about his experience. He says that he was indeed in the car when it was hit (along with two other Weather Channel vehicles that were not as badly damaged) and that some of his crew suffered "minor injuries." 

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