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After weeks of deliberations, the task force assigned to figure out where to build the new Sandy Hook Elementary have finally concluded their search. They're going to demolish the old one and build the new school in the very same spot. 

The groups narrowed the options down to two, and then eventually to the final one, during an emotional meeting Friday night. A different site on the same road as the existing Sandy Hook building was considered the second best option, but it would have required rezoning and faced potential resistance from surrounding homeowners. There were concerns some students, parents and educators wouldn't be able to cope with returning to the site of the December 14 shooting that killed 26 people. But the group unanimously decided the best course of action was to tear down the existing elementary school building and rebuild on the same site. 

Sandy Hook students have been operating out of the former Chalk Hill Middle School in the nearby  town, Monroe. They'll spend another year there, most likely, while the new building takes an estimated 18 months to be constructed. There are two plans the city is considering that would cost around $56 million. Final budgetary plans have to be approved by the city by June. The state and federal governments are expected to help with costs, too. 

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