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Congratulations to One World Trade, pride of lower Manhattan and the newly crowned tallest building in the Western Hemisphere (though not the tallest structure). Perhaps you're wondering how much taller than you it is? Well, we're here to help.

We put together this little tool that will show you just how many of you, standing on your own head, it would take to match the height of One World Trade. Why? Because that is an important consideration in architecture. As "hands" are to horses, "yous" are to skyscrapers.

Plug in your height below, and click to watch as the yous line up! Metric-using people, since this is a moment of American pride, you'll need to convert your meters or metres into inches.

(A note: because you are so short compared to the tower, the yous may not evenly line up with the bottom of the building below, due to rounding issues.)

How tall are you? feet, inches


Photo at top: The spire of One World Trade is lifted into place. (AP)
Photo above: A 3D rendering of the completed tower, shown at dusk. (AP)

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