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Here's a disturbing sign of how truly puzzling the up-and-down weather has been in Wisconsin this year: On Tuesday, when Madison residents enjoyed temperatures that hit 78 degrees, a number of calls filtered into the state capital's 911 system with reports of dead people in the grass. Also known as, you know, sunbathers. It got so bad that the authorities had to take to Wisconsin Capital Newspapers's to get the word out:

"Please tell cellphone users that people lying in the grass are not necessarily dead," a dispatcher at the 911 center told

Do you see dead people?

Didn't think so.

Basically — and now tragically, if rather strangely — Madison residents were so unaccustomed to the good weather, and especially sunbathers, that they were very quick to assume the worst. They saw something, but maybe they said a little too much. But it has been quite the winter and spring for Wisconsin: Via Accuweather, here's a look at the end of January and the beginning of February, including a four-day span where, yes, temperatures dropped from 54 degrees to six....

But this past week in particular has actually been pretty wacky in Madison, with a near-40 degree drop, and then a 30-degree swing heading into Tuesday's sunbather-corpse mixup in the city parks:

Wisconsin's weather looks pretty great right now, so perhaps Wisconsinites will have ample opportunity to get accustomed to sun worshippers. But, hey, they could be forgiven for dark thoughts — a truck did run over a sunbather in James Madison Park this time last year.

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