Dry Ice Explosion in a Trash Can Leads to Disneyland Evacuation

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The entire "Toontown" section of Disneyland in Californa was evacuated this evening after something exploded in a trash can, prompting a ton of cops to descend on the park. That something, later reports revealed, was dry ice in a plastic bottle. No one was hurt.

The story is leading to some kind of strange phrases involving "Toontown," which, it turns out, is difficult to effectively juxtapose with any serious words. Like this one from the LA Times: "[A police spokesperson] said it was unclear whether the explosion sent shrapnel into the air at Toontown." 

The first reports came from tweeters who were apparently at the park during the explosion: 

Then local stations picked up on the story: 

Some were less rational about the whole thing: 

And once it was clear that no one was hurt, many tweeters started going for the obvious Who Framed Roger Rabbit? reference: 

Hours after the explosion, the park got the "all clear" to return to business as usual.

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