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There's a happy ending to the story of a dog, found alive in the rubble after a massive tornado devastated Moore, Oklahoma: she's been reunited with her owner.

Because "Susie" was found standing guard over a body, officials believed she belonged to one of the victims of the storm: 

"CSO deputy searching for victims found a 12-year old Schipperke-Border Collie mix standing guard over a deceased male inside a house in Moore. The deputy convinced the dog to leave the side of the deceased victim, and eventually made sure the pup was taken to an emergency tornado animal shelter." 

The department, who initially tweeted out the photo in the immediate aftermath of the storm, later added their sad context to the story: 

But then, good news. The owner's sister saw one of the photos, and contacted the department on Facebook. Sheila Collins told them that the dog belonged to her brother, Curtis, who lives about a half a mile from where "Susie" was found. He'd been looking for the dog since the storm, and eventually, the two were reunited: 

Photo via the Oklahoma County Sheriff's Office. 

It turns out that the person "Susie" was guarding after the storm was a stranger: Curtis has "no idea," according to the Sheriff's office, "why she stood guard of the victim whom he did not know." 

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