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The funeral home where 26-year-old Boston bombing suspect Tamerlan Tsarnaev is having the hardest time finding somewhere to bury him. The city of Cambridge, Mass. where the Tsarnaev family settled when they came to the U.S. from Dagestan won't take him. 

The Boston Globe reports the city has declined a request from Peter Stefan, the owner of the Worcester, Mass. funeral home where Tamerlan's body currently resides. Stefan told reporters earlier Sunday that he would ask Cambridge to arrange something for Tsarnaev after a number of cemeteries denied his requests to bury the suspect there. Earlier reports said cemeteries in New Jersey and Connecticut also denied requests to bury Tamerlan there. Tamerlan's uncle Ruslan (seen above) arrived with three men at the funeral home Sunday morning to prepare Tamerlan's body for burial, per muslim tradition, despite not having a destination lined up. Stefan has said that if Cambridge denied Tamerlan be buried there, he would appeal to state officials for help arranging a grave site for the suspect. 

In Sunday's edition of The New York Times, Tamerlan was painted as an overbearing older brother who imposed his influence on the younger 19-year-old surviving suspect, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. Tamerlan used to force Dzhokhar and his friends read scripture and exercise if they were to hang out at their home instead of playing video games and hanging out like normal teenagers. As Tamerlan's devotion to Islam became more intense and radicalized, Dzhokhar showed signs of his brother's influence but avoided speaking about his family with his close friends. 

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