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In a Phoenix courthouse late Wednesday afternoon, Jodi Arias was found guilty of murder, as covered extensively by CNN's multiple anchors, all of whom were standing fairly near one another, as they were the day before, rather inexplicably. It's one of the more interesting mysteries that has occurred in the southwestern city in recent history: Why won't Nancy Grace just walk over to be interviewed by Ashleigh Banfield?

Earlier Wednesday afternoon, CNN was juggling two stories: the developing Ohio kidnapping case and the Jody Arias verdict. (Jody? Jodi? Apparently it's "Jodi.") As was the case on Tuesday, Banfield is clearly just out of the shot that's picturing Grace. Here are the two of them talking about Arias, we think. Just watch the cars going by behind them.

But unlike Tuesday, we have a much stronger sense of how they're oriented. The solution can be seen in this animated image. Watch the car behind Grace's head as it turns left — then comes into view behind Banfield!

In the background of CNN's shots of Banfield, we can also see what appears to be the steps leading up to the courthouse. That allows us to map where CNN's Banfield (at bottom) and Grace — of the sister network HLN, but a frequent guest on the mothership during CNN's Clevelend/Arias mania — are likely standing.

The Grace positioning is more of a guess; it's hard to determine how far back north she is on that street. Given that there's no tree between Grace and the street, however, we think our estimate of her position is accurate.

What's strange, though, is that other people are able to walk over to Banfield to be interviewed. Here, she turns to another person standing next to her.

There are a few options for why Grace didn't do so. At the time of the Arias verdict, Grace was also anchoring CNN's Headline News. It's unclear if she was at the time that Banfield was speaking with her, but it may have been too cumbersome to remove her microphone, etc., and simply head down the street. (Requests for comment from CNN were not returned.) It is also possible that Grace has a contractual stipulation that mandates she not appear on-screen with another CNN personality; we frankly don't watch her enough to know. A third possibility is that there was some sort of physical obstruction that we couldn't see. Maybe a force field.

Arias was found guilty of murder in the first degree after stabbing her then-boyfriend to death. She is eligible for the death penalty under Arizona law.

Here is what a member of the Congress had to say about the situation.

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