This Charity Cologne Smells Like a Boston Firefighter

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Have you ever wanted to impress a woman by transforming into a man in uniform, except you were lacking in the uniform department? Now you can at least smell like a man in uniform, with the Demeter Fragrance Library's "First Response — Boston" scent.

Brought to our attention by Boston Magazine's Steve Annear, the new fragrance smells like "a combination of spices and flowers, overlaid with white smoke and rubber," according to Demeter

The smoke and rubber elements are to honor Boston's Firefighters, who with disregard for their own safety, constantly put themselves in harm's way for the benefit of others. We should never forget the risks they take, and the bravery they demonstrate, each and every day.

You'll be pleased to know it comes in two sizes — one or four ounce bottles, priced at $20 and $39.50 per bottle, respectively. Thankfully, this isn't some exploitive cash grab. Demeter says 75 percent of the proceeds will go to the Boston First Responders Fund, a charity set up by the Boston Firefighters Credit Union to help victims of the marathon bombings. If you would like to donate to that charity but already have a rubber-less eau du toilet you prefer, you can do so here

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