Wife of Main Suspect in Texas DA Slayings Confesses to the Crime (UPDATE)

In another surprise twist in the investigation of the two North Texas district attorneys, the wife of the man considered to be the prime suspect has confessed to the crime and implicated her husband.

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In another surprise twist in the investigation of the two North Texas district attorneys, police have arrested the wife of the man considered to be the prime suspect and charged her with capital murder. Kim Lene Williams was arrested early Wednesday morning and booked at Kaufman County Jail, where sources report she has been booked for the crime. Her husband, Eric Williams, is already in jail under different charges and was considered by authorities to be the primary suspect in the shootings. It is expected that he will eventually be charged with murder as well.

Williams is a former justice of the peace who lost his job when he was convicted of stealing government computer equipment. The two district attorneys who were murdered in separate incidents earlier this year—Mike McLelland and his assistant Mark Hasse—were the lead prosecutors on his case. After McLelland's death, Williams sent an anonymous email threatening more attacks, which led to the terror charges brought against him so far. 

Authorities have not released any other information yet on his wife's role in the crime, but on Saturday police searched a storage unit rented by Williams and found a large cache of weapons and car that matches the description of one spotted near the crime scene. Hasse was shot outside the Kaufman County courthouse in January, and McLelland and his wife, Cynthia, were shot and killed in their home last month.

UPDATE: The Dallas Morning News is now reporting that Kim Williams has confessed to the entire crime, and fingered her husband as the shooter of all three victims. After arresting her last night and questioning her, police say Williams explained her entire role in the crime, including providing details that had not been made public and could only be known by the killer. Police refused to answer questions at an afternoon press conference and it's not known if Kim Williams will receive a plea deal for cooperating.

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