Who Mailed Explosives to Sheriff Joe Arpaio?

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Authorities in Arizona say they intercepted a package on Thursday that had been filled with explosives and mailed to controversial Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio. The package was flagged as suspicious as it passed through Flagstaff and police there x-rayed the box to discover the explosive device. Local bomb squad technicians disabled it without incident.

This isn't the first time that the tough-talking Arpaio has been targeted for revenge. When a police officer makes prisoners wear pink underwear, launches criminal investigations of political enemies, harasses the local immigrant population (while ignoring other serious crimes), and pals around with Steven Segal, he's going to make some enemies. The U.S. Justice Department only sued him, and credit thieves tried to steal his identity, but for someone out there to actually try and kill him takes the attacks to a disturbing new level.

While the threats against Sheriff Joe are surely unrelated to other recent attacks on law enforcement officers, it does comes at a time of heightened awareness for the safety of police and other government officials. Police have not released any other information about possible clues or suspects.

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