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Tuesday afternoon's final briefing by Massachusetts and law enforcement officials ended on a sweet note when Governor Deval Patrick asked for "a favor," encouraging people to help Victoria, a Northeastern student who suffered a "serious shrapnel wound," find the man who comforted her following the Monday's bombing in Boston. Victoria described herself to the governor as having been scared and panicked after being injured, only to have an Army veteran who goes by "Tyler" help calm her by showing her a shrapnel wound of his own. Now, she wants to thank him. Come on, Internet, let's tell Victoria that, yes, there is a Tyler out there.

Victoria was injured after the first bombing, Patrick said, and was carried to the medical tent by someone who is thought to be a firefighter. She was "scared" and, according to Patrick, who met her at Tufts Medical Center, "really, as she described it, hysterical." Tyler helped her by showing her a scar from his shrapnel injury, which he received in Afghanistan. 

There's little we know about Tyler. He may have been assigned to the tent. He may have just been there to help. We just know he's an Army vet with that first name, who was on the scene. We're looking, and you should, too. It's one of the few feel-good stories to emerge from government officials in an aftermath that has already seen remarkable acts of kindness and heroism. This just demonstrates how much all that good has meant to people who suffered the violence first hand. 

Tyler can call: (617) 725-4000. 

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