Trayvon Martin Shooting Targets Will Get You Fired from the Police Force

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A police sergeant has found himself out of a job after showing up at a training day with a batch of paper shooting targets printed with the iconic image of Trayvon Martin's hoodie on the front. As if holding the targets weren't offensive enough, Sgt. Ron King then tried to give them to his fellow officers in the Port Canaveral Police Department for target practice. This did not go over well. The other officers refused the gift, superiors were notified and, after a review, King was dismissed from the force. Ben Crump, the Martin family's lawyer, told the press it was "absolutely reprehensible" that an officer like King "would use the image of a dead child as target practice." Crump added, "Such a deliberate and depraved indifference to this grieving family is unacceptable." King plans to apologize to the Martin family.

Of course, this is just the latest deplorable thing to come out of the Trayvon Martin saga. The allegations that George Zimmerman shot and killed Martin in his own neighborhood when the teenager was armed with nothing but a bag of Skittles is bad enough. Zimmerman then went on a questionable campaign to raise money for his legal defense, propping himself up as the poster boy for Florida's "stand your ground" law that he says justifies the slaying. He ended up raising hundreds of thousands of dollarsThen, Zimmerman started selling his autograph to fans who donated money to his fund which he says still isn't enough to cover his costs, because who doesn't want the autograph of a accused killer. With months left to go before a verdict is delivered in the controversial case, the awfulness surely won't stop there.

It remains unclear if Sgt. King made the Trayvon targets himself or got them somewhere else. A quick Google search shows that there's plenty of inspiration Trayvon Martin shooting targets. They're all over the Internet.

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