They Arrested the Other Weird Guy in the Already Too Weird Ricin Story

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J. Everett Dutschke, the 41-year-old former bluesman and taekwondo instructor who feuded with the Elvis impersonating initial suspect, has been arrested for sending letter laced with ricin to the President and two other Mississippi politicians.

Reuters reports Dutschke was taken into custody by U.S. marshals on Saturday morning. The feds spent much of the last week investigating Dutschke. Charges against Kevin Paul Curtis, the Mississippi man initially charged with sending the ricin letters, were dropped earlier this week after a search of his home revealed no incriminating evidence. Dutschke's home and former dojo were searched earlier this week so authorities must have discovered something to raise their suspicions. Other than Dutschke's arrest, the rest of the details — like what charges Dutschke is facing — are pretty murky at this moment. 

Dutschke has a very long and very weird history with Curtis. The two men have feuded over something about a Mensa membership on a Myspace page since around 2010. But beyond that, Dutschke is just as weird as the Elvis impersonating Curtis, as Talking Points Memo's Hunter Walker discovered earlier this week. He once recorded an album with the drummer from Pearl Jam and sold insurance as "the insurance warrior." There was also a very sad run for the Mississippi House of Representatives

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