Sean Collier, an MIT Cop with a Calling, Was Shooting Victim in Bombers' Path

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Sean Collier, 26, an MIT police officer, became another victim of the Boston Marathon bombing suspects in the overnight mayhem in Cambridge before it turned to Watertown — he was shot in this cruiser. Collier, according to the MIT News, was described by the MIT police chief as someone who looked at police work as a "calling" and was "engaged" with students.

Collier is from Somerville, Mass. and joined the MIT Police after working as a civilian employee at the Somerville Police Department. 

Police chief John DiFava said of Collier: "In a very short period of time, it was remarkable how engaged he was with students, particularly graduate students." Collier had also participated in the MIT Outing Club, hiking and skiing with students.

Collier was a native of Wilmington, Mass.

Update: The Boston Globe's David Abel spoke with Collier's roommate: 

A Tumblr is dedicated to memories of Collier

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